Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new community member

Our community is very important and we have high expectations for everyone who is a part of it. When Ms. Coleman goes home with her beautiful little boy (yay!!) we will be welcoming a new adult to our community. Before we invite someone to come join us, we want to know what qualities are important to you for this new person. Use this space to tell us what you expect to see from a new adult in our classroom.


  1. When Ms. Coleman goes home with he son I would like to see a lot from the teacher. The number one thing that I would want from the teacher is “RESPECT”. I think it is extremely important for the teacher to respect us because the last teacher we had was the complete opposite of respect. The second thing is “DON’T BE A THIEF”. If the regular teacher has your favorite candy don’t go inside their property and takes their stuff. Also don’t ask students to bring some in to school or where they’re at.

    I also want for the teacher to teach us stuff. I don’t want a teacher that’s not even teaching us anything. Because I came to school to learn not waste my time and fool around. And if we do get a teacher like that I will on deff dogs rash on them. But I doubt that were going to get a teacher like that.

    My class mates also. I don’t want to see them disrespecting the teacher. Because that is not being polite and they will make the whole entire class get in trouble. And that’s about it. That is what I expect from the teacher. I think I can trust the teacher. But I have to say one last thing. If the teacher is going to be Ms. Korpaz I will have to be in a different class.

  2. I expect this adult to teach correctly and not for things like tootsie rolls or any other type of bribe. I want this teacher/adult to be respectful and help us when I need help because sometimes some teachers don't pay attention to their other students. I would expect a teacher to be respectful to us. I would expect that because some teachers are rude. I love a teacher who knows what there doing and can control the class when they go out of line but at the same time a teacher who knows how to chill out for a while and get to know the class better.

    I love it when we learn a teachers past and how they made it this far in life for example My old teacher ms.Anzelmo has a hand that has only one finger. She told us that she could not do many things with that hand so she got bad grades.

    So that is what I expect from a teacher.

  3. Hey this is so awsome for Ms.Coleman. She is leaving because her baby is coming out of the hospital hopefully in February yay! This means a substitute will take care of Humanities to teach my classmates and me. I am very happy for Ms.Coleman. So I am going to tell you what this teacher should have to communicate and teach us better.

    This teacher who ever it may be should be enthusiastic about teaching us. They have to bring fun into learning. That teacher should know what we are doing and should know a lot about it if he or she wants us to understand than ask a lot of questions. They have the right to take away our things if we are goofing around and playing with our stuff. If we don’t do our work we can get detention from that teacher. So that is what that teacher has to have for us to learn with that teacher.

    This is the conclusion paragraph. This teacher male or female has to have a good teaching method. This method has to get us to learn better and do what is asked. I wonder who the teacher will be and I hope I helped you find a teacher to teach us. Hope Ms.Coleman has an awsome time with her son.

    This 3 paragraph essay was made by: Brenda Tejeda Baez!

  4. When the new adult comes I want them to be a lot of things, like excited about being in a new classroom with new students, knowing all the rules and respecting them, and respecting us even though we are younger we still deserve that right. I really hope we have a teacher like that.
    Since humanities is everyday we won’t get a day away from them if they’re mean, but if they’re nice we won’t have to be angry going into humanities everyday. I really hope that the new teacher should know the rules of our academy and school, because if they don’t all the students will be off the walls and make Ms.McGoldrick, and Ms.Lider’s job harder. Plus I really hope that the teacher respects and understands our needs, because just because they’re a teacher they should still respect and trust us for our differences.
    I really hope that the new teacher is the way I just explained them , because if they aren’t those 12 weeks will be very difficult for them, us, and the other teachers… and Ms.Coleman won’t be very happy about that.

  5. Jailene Garcia

    The teacher that I would like to see to join our community would be a teacher that would know all the rules from the school so that when someone is not behaving she or he would know what to do.The teacher that I would like to join our community would be a teacher that knows all the work that we need to do so that when we go to class they would already know what to give us for work and so that they wont tell the kids what do they need to do or pass out. The teacher that I would like to join to our community would be a teacher that knows how to teach and has been teaching kids .

    The teacher that I would like to have in our community would be a teacher that treats each of us the same and equal and I would like a teacher that would know the routine of the class.I would like a teacher that has a great attitude because I don’t like when some teachers are bored.I would like a teacher that knows how to explain things well and I would like also a teacher that comes to school in time.

    I would like a teacher that could get well with me and with my classmates and I would like a teacher that is organize because I don’t like teachers that are messy. I would also like a teacher that can keep us doing work until the class is over and I would like a teacher that keeps an eye on us because if something happends when shes or he not in the class than something might happened to the kids.I would like a teacher that dosent tall on the phone or something when the class I working or when she or he are teaching.

  6. I am writing about what expectations a teacher needs to his/her students. One reason is to know what to do with the class. Next is to help the students when to help a student when needed. I think that the teacher should also know how to treat his/her class to let them know that they understand him/her.
    One expectation is to know what to do with his/her class. If a teacher doesn’t know what to do then her class would be bored and wouldn’t learn anything. When they go home and their parents ask what did they do today, the child will say in humanities we did nothing. Also when Ms. Coleman comes back she’ll want the entire work have we did.
    Lastly is to help a student when help is needed. If the teacher doesn’t help, the student will ask their neighbor. Everyone will be talking. When a teacher helps the student the room will be quiet and everyone will be doing their work.

  7. A new community member
    I would expect from the teacher that will be covering for Mrs. Coleman is respect and the ability to be able to teach us and discipline us when needed and she or he should be able to trust us and complement us when we do something corrects the we will be and feel proud about it and succeeding, That’s what we the students would expect from any teacher not just the subs. we the students have to show the sub we can do it then the sub will know that we want to learn and we want to be taught. That will encourage the teacher to teach us. That is also what I would expect from a teacher. The reason I said respect was the respect is for if we do something wrong for them not to yell just to speak calmly and I to will give the same respect back but in a calm voice. But some students if you don’t give respect you wont get respect either. The second thing I would expect from a teacher is responsibility. I say that because I want a teacher that comes on time to school on time with the excitement to teach the students. The third thing is trust I want a teacher that trusts every thing the student tells them. I would appreciate the teacher if the could at least show some kindness and give their students respect by giving them compliments like good job nice try and thanks for participating you’ll do better next time.

  8. Soyini Wilcox

    I am writing a 3 paragraph essay about when Ms.Coleman leaves. What characteristics we want to see in our new teacher. How should he or she’s attitude be? What do you want from he or she? I will add details and information.

    The teacher I would like to see join my community after Ms.Colman leaves, is that she or he is nice and smart. My teacher would be very intelligent even if he or she doesn’t know all the rules. This new teacher will be like a friend.

    The teacher will very kind to me and my classmates. Also, will be fun as you learn. I’ll really like this new teacher.

  9. This two paragraph essay is about what qualities we would like to in our sub teacher.
    The qualities I would like in a teacher is for them to know everything we are doing. I would like them to know this because, when we are ready to learn they know how everything works and she/he wouldn’t need students help. I say this because, when they don’t know what to do they would asked the students. Then all of a sudden the students start to get loud and they don’t quite down. I would also like them to be respectful of us and our things. I say this because, when they don’t respect us or things we wound be disrespectful to them back. The other qualities that I think the teachers should be reasonable because, if student had to go on the purple tile. Then they come back in then you drop something. I would like them to know they just drop it and that’s it they don’t have to go back on the purple tile. All they go to do is pick up what they have drop and seat in their seats.

  10. I am going to tell you some things I expect on the teacher covering for Ms.Coleman. I expect the teacher to do 1 cool thing.

    One special thing I expect from the teacher covering for Ms.Coleman is that they have to bring food. What I mean by food is snacks and breakfast. That means every morning they should bring donuts and juice from Dunkin donuts. Also with the snacks some chips, candy and tiny juices. That’s one thing I expect from the teacher covering for Ms.Coleman.

    I am done telling you one thing I expect on the teacher covering for Ms.Coleman.

  11. I would like our new teacher to help us learn so we could go to 7th grade I also wont the new teacher to help us become high achevers.
    I would like our new teacher to not put up with us when we are being be. I would wont our new teacher to inshior every on is learning. I would wont our new teacher to give every one a chance to speck. I wont a teacher the could disaplen us. However not disaplen so we end up staying bad. I would wont our teacher to show us that he/she cares for our education.
    I wont a teacher that shows that he/she is completely sereious when they tell you to do something. I also wont a teacher could turn learning into fun. I wont a teacher that could keep us ingajed.

  12. Sequoia Grubbs
    I am going to tell you what I would expect from our new community member when Ms.coleman leaves to take care of her baby and I hope you like it .
    The first thing that I expect from he or she is that he or she makes sure we get all of our work done. Why is because when Ms.coleman comes back she would expect that all of our work is done and that it is complete. Also because the teacher is always suppose to make sure al of our work is done and that were always doing our work. I would also want he or she to make sure all our work is done so we already know about the things we did and also if we had a quiz nobody didn’t know what we was talking about. This is why I want our substitute to make sure we get all of our work done.
    Another thing I expect from our substitute is that she has respect for us. The reason why I say this is because I think that the teacher should not be rude or not respect us. Another reason why I say this is because I know and I think that I speak for everyone that we wouldn’t want to walk in a classroom everyday or be in classroom everyday with someone who cant respect us. I know that our substitute would want to respected too. Also because I think the teachers should be respectful because teachers are like the ones who give us discipline and if your giving us discipline when we are behaving them I think it is not fair. This is why our substitute should respect us.
    The last thing that I expect from our substitute is that she knows are daily schedule and knows what were suppose to do and be at. I say this because I would not want someone who we have to stay with for twelve weeks not know what were suppose to do. Also because if our teacher did not know what to do or to take us how are we suppose to get to class and be on time for our classes. We would miss learning time and not be working which would interfere with what we have to do daily and what I expected everyday.
    These are the things that I expect from our substitute.
    I hope that she or he could do them and I hope that you liked what I had to say thank you.

  13. Ms.Coleman going away is time to get a new member part of your community. This person will have high expectations of all teachers and kids. In the following I will tell my expectation for the substitute. Also what I think she should know about this community.
    One expectation I have for the sub is to teach us what we have to learn. She will have to teach us because that is the reason we come to school.